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Traditionally, you only know the value of your investments when the statement arrives, and it is already out of date. In volatile times such as now it may already be too late to prevent a fall in value or switch into assets that can benefit from a recovery.

Wrap screenshot How useful would it be for you to see the your shares, your pensions , your bonds and in essence your wealth, in real time, on a computer where ever you are in the world?

We think 'extremely useful', which is why over the last couple of years; we've been developing the Johnson Hunt wrap planner.

As a client, you're able to access information on all your assets and obtain an up to date valuation at any time you like. And not just the obvious things like investments and pensions. You can include literally any asset - things like fine wines, classic or vintage cars, property and so on. In other words, you can access a complete picture of your financial well-being, whenever you want and as often as you want.

Remote Access And it will save you time. The traditional searching for and requesting statements and valuations is a thing of the past. At the touch of a button, your yearend reports can be produced effortlessly in a format suitable for you and your accountant.

It will help us to help you too. We can more readily monitor your investments, take a wider, more holistic view of your wealth and thereby make more regular adjustments and recommendations. And that means we can advise you on investment opportunities more easily and more quickly.

Our business structure

Johnson Hunt is not a national firm nor does it profess to have a myriad of advisors. What we do have is local advisors who have the ability to offer...

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If all this sounds interesting and exciting, view an online demonstration of how our wrap planner works in practice.

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If you think we can help with your wealth planning or financial management, please get in touch so we can discuss your particular needs.

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View an online demonstration of how our investment management service called wrap planner works in practice

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Johnson Hunt offered us a refreshing approach to our funding needs and the flexibility they offered was not available from more traditional institutions.

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