Opentec are a software development and sales company who have created CStore.

Opentec The CStore™ Business Information Risk Management Solution is a uniquely designed product that helps organizations to solve both compliant data management challenges and also to optimization the of storage of their data. It is designed to provide you with a single view across multiple data types such as eMail, Files & Folder, Instant Messenger, SMS, Voice, Audio, Video and other business records. You also have the ability to filter on your data based on a timeline.

It fully supports the recommended provisions outlined by British Standards Institute (BSI) within BS 10008 - A Code of Practice for the Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically. The BSI Code of Practice applies to any system that stores information electronically, where the authenticity, integrity and availability of those electronic records are a necessity. Therefore any relevant information required in a legal discovery case will have demonstrable maximum evidential weight, be fully audited and can be accessed and produced quickly thereby posing no undue threat to your company's hard earned reputation or shareholder value

Investment commentary
The Company’s biggest challenge is to highlight to its potential customer base how comprehensive is the solution offered by Opentec through its Cstore product.

Graeme Holtby, Director at Johnson Hunt said, “when global network providers start adopting proofs of concept and then quickly move to promote the product to preferred solution you know you have a business that can do great things.” This product meets the current need of the corporate community who are looking for greater compliance, accountability and ultimately security.

Chris Hunt of Johnson Hunt also commented, “there is a wealth of knowledge and skill within the business which we will see translated into the delivery of a strong profitable performance in the coming year.

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